The Leaning Tower of Pisa – worth the hype?

Everybody knows it, everybody talks about it – but is it really worth to travel to the small Italian town Pisa just to see this tower?

My last journey took me from Vienna to Pisa and then from Florence to my final destination Catania in Sicily. I had 4 hours between my two flights to drive from Pisa to Florence by train. Enough time to make a stop at the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. And with enough I mean that you really don’t need more time. It took me around ten minutes and 1,20€ to get from the airport of Pisa to the sight by bus. The tower is super nice and most of all: super small!! After reading about it in numerous books as a child, I naively expected a huge building but the Mona Lisa effect hit me.


It’s pretty small but lovely and I’m glad that I went there also because of that super cozy area around. People are chillin’ in the sun with Italian ice cream and with this great architecture in the background I felt like in a fairytale.


I didn’t have enough time to relax but obviously I had to take THE tourist pic. And yes it took time to catch the right position and yes I fell down. 😉


To sum up: Make a stopover in Pisa and enjoy this atmosphere for a few hours – and most importantly keep your fingers crossed it’s a sunny day.

Kisses ♥

Caffè e amore: my 3 must-dos in Milan

Italy’s delicious food, the beautiful landscapes and the great history – I fall in love with this country every time I visit it. ♥

When I travelled to Spain the last time I took a transfer flight with a stop in Milan. So there was definitely too little time for sightseeing but like each holiday in Italy I enjoyed it to the fullest – and those are my highlights:

First things first: Piazza Duomo

The Duomo is the heart of the city and it’s a must-see for each traveler. The square in front of the cathedral is a magical place cause it’s huge, beautiful and there are only stylish people around on their way to shopping melting pots like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. To me it’s another must-see but you’ll need a lot of money if you wanna do more than window shopping. img_1039img_1048img_1047.jpgInside this luxury paradise you feel like in another world. However, since I’m spending all my money on flights, I couldn’t buy all those beautiful things my inner shopaholic craves for. But there is one place I definitely had to stop during sightseeing:

the Magnum Pleasure Store. I paid around 4€ but it definitely was worth it – cause eating an ice cream in this store feels almost like a little ceremony. You can choose between many different kind of ice creams and toppings. I tried vanilla covered with milk chocolate, topped with flowers, golden crispy balls and popcorn. The shopkeeper was super nice and eventhough it’s a famous brand you can still feel the italian charme. Feel free to check out my instagram account for short videos about how they created the masterpiece.img_1043.jpg

Last but not least: We stayed at the Hotel Central – I can highly recommend it to you. It’s super comfy, near the main station and even cheap. 🙂

Kisses and hugs ♥

Snowboarding in AUSTRIA

Winter sports is a big part of the Austrian culture. But it’s not only about skiing or snowboarding itself – it’s more about everything that goes with it. We relax in the winter sun at the ski hut, listen to (traditonal) music and most importantly: we enjoy the Austrian cuisine. There are several typical dishes from sweet ones like Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancake with stewed plums) to savoury like Käsespätzle (a special sort of pasta with cheese) – from Stiegl (one of the most tasteful Austrian beer brands) to Jagertee (black tea with a shot of rum called hunter’s tea). Above all the Austrians eat dumplings stuffed with different kind of fillings. My all-time favorites are the yeast dumplings as you can see on the pic above. Not only that it tasted like heaven but it even looked like the mountain in the back. Isn’t it beautiful?! 😉

Back to winter sports I’ll give you a few hard facts about it: I went to mount Höss in Upper Austria. The student ski pass for one day in the main season is 34€ (adults 42,50€/ children 23,50€). If you don’t have your own equipment you can borrow it on site. The prices depend on your skills and you should book it online a few days before your arrival.


So if you are planning a trip to Austria make sure you don’t miss this amazing experience. I promise you will love everything about it! 🙂


All the best, have an amazing weekend! ♥


A small PARADISE in the Atlantic Ocean: Valentine’s Day on La Graciosa

You think there are 7 Canary Islands? Well, maybe you’ve never heard about the 30 km² small paradise next to Lanzarote: La Graciosa!! In this post I’ll tell you what made my Valentine’s Day on this beautiful place super special. Further it’s the last stop on my journey through the Canaries:

1st Since I’m a very active person my perfect Valentine’s Day should be a little bit adventurous too. The last years I was in Paris and Copenhagen so obviously we needed to go to a warm temperatured spot. On the Island La Graciosa you should hike or take the bike to discover the best spots and views. In between you can cool down in the beautiful light blue Atlantic.


2nd The way to the heart is through the stomach. Therefore, we had a romantic dinner by the ocean. The atmosphere was amazing and the dinner more than delicious. For the first time ever I tried one whole freshly caught octopus. As a dessert we had ice cream while walking on the sea front.


3rd My highlight of the island definitely was the way on the ferryboat from Lanzarote. We drove through the sunset hearing nothing but the sound of the waves, the wind was blowing through my hair and like out of nowhere we spotted dolphins in the ocean!! To me it was a very special moment and another reason why I love all of these little adventures.

Which island do you like best: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or La Graciosa? 🙂

Have a wonderful week. ♥



1 day in Lanzarote

The second stop on my trip through the Canary Islands was Lanzarote. I went there by a ro-ro ship – the easiest and cheapest solution from Fuerteventura. In the following I’ll give you my highlights compact in one day. For your trip you should plan two days to catch the distances without stress or even more if you wanna chill on the beach too.

08:00 Start the day right

It’s definitely worth to get up soon and catch the sunrise in pleasant atmosphere. Lanzarote is full of amazing nature and you need to take time to enjoy it apart from crowded tourist hot spots.


10:00 Charco de los Clicos – The Green Lake

You can find this unique natural spectacle in El Golfo at the west coast of Lanzarote. The green lake is a volcanic crater of the past which partly sank into the atlantic ocean. Its green colour is formed by special seaweed that grows because of the salty water. The black lava beach and the blue sky put the finishing touches to the scenery (pic on the top).

11:00 Hot Hot Hot

The Timanfaya National Park in the southwestern part of the Island is definitely worth the ride! You can try meat which is grilled by the subserviced heat of the volcano. They even showed me how this heat can inflame hay or evaporate water. At the end I made a tour through the volcanic area by bus.


15:00 It’s coffee o’clock: La Cantina

In my view it was perfect. I’ve this thing with simple, timeless design and the atmosphere was super relaxing. We found this place in the oldest city of the Canary Islands, Teguise.


17:00 LanzALOE

Lanzarote is famous for its world best Aloe Vera! The mix of the volcanic soil, the tropical climate and the geographical situation make the high quality of the plant. I’ve visited one of the farms and it was a super special experience to see how they grow Aloe Vera, especially to taste and try out their range of cosmetics and food.


19:00 Ahoy: Going to the Island La Graciosa by ferry!

If you ask yourself what to experience there and which animals I saw on the way – be ready for my upcoming blogpost. 🙂

Have you already been at one of these spots and where would you like to go? Please share your story in the comments below and have a look at my last blogpost about Fuerteventura here. ♥

Love, Nina




Surfing in the Atlantic Ocean: Canary Islands, Fuerteventura

I finally made it to the Canaries!! My man and I enjoyed the windy Islands last week. Fuerteventura – Lanzarote – La Graciosa: We drove over 1400 km by car and ship to see as many highlights as possible and trust me, there are many.

First stop: Fuerteventura.
Endless sand dunes, salty air, huge waves and super friendly people. I felt so free and was just full of happiness.




Probably the most charakteristic thing about Fuerteventura is its windy weather, so it was clear what we had to do: Surfing!


We drove to the Flagbeach and it was great fun but it turned out that actually I’m not that talented. The strong wind made my first surfing adventure even more difficult and I fell into the water very hard one time too often. I hurt my hand but no worries it’s not broken. On the way back to our home we got stuck in the sand dunes in the rain and a travel group of Korean men helped us to carry the broken car back to the street – if anyone of you guys will ever read that: thank you again!! Maybe it seems like a few things went wrong but to me that is exactly the kind of trip I love: trying out adventurous things, getting to know different people and taking these new feelings back home with me. Like my shirt says „To travel is to live.“


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